THE SCOUTS´SOAP is a new cleanser that you can be used daily for your skin, hair and as well as  for dishes and hand washing.


What´s the concept behind THE SCOUTS´SOAP?

THE SCOUTS´SOAP was developed in order to create an outdoor cleanser that is environmentally-friendly. We have decided to keep the composition as simple as possible—back to basics. There are no additional unnecessary, non-biodegradable ingredients such as perfumes, dyes, whiteners, silicon surfactans or silicon-oils which are not needed for personal hygiene, for washing dishes or clothes.

The bottle consists of polyethylene/polypropylene and can easily be recycled. THE SCOUTS´SOAP is carful handmade in Germany.














THE SCOUTS´SOAP is a concentrate which can be used just like every other shampoo or washing-up liquid. For hand washing or washing-up you only need a small amount  (hazel-nut size) for 10 liters.

You can also use THE SCOUTS´SOAP with salt-walter. Do not use it for laundry because the machine will develop too much foam.


What´s the connection between THE SCOUTS´SOAP and Baden-Powell´s ideas?

Baden-Powell said: „Leave the world a little better than you found it.“ That is exactly what you do when you use THE SCOUTS´SOAP instead of usual shampoos and washing-up liquids that are not the best solution for the environment. Especially while camping or during a hike a few common ingredients will not be, of course,  biodegradable.


What else do I have to know about THE SCOUTS´SOAP?

After using THE SCOUTS´SOAP combing your hair may be slightly more difficult (because polymeres are not used). THE SCOUTS´SOAP does not contain whiteners. That means that special stains (like red wine) cannot be easily removed. But that really is not a while camping, right?

THE SCOUTS´SOAP does not contain any perfumes so the mild surfactans smell very little. Because of this facts it is also compatible for allergic persons.

We use mild preservatives—therefore you should not use an opened bottle for longer than twelve months.

Keep THE SCOUTS´SOAP away from children and your eyes – it is no more or less dangerous than any other washing-up liquid.

THE SCOUTS´SOAP is less viscous, making it easier to empty the bottle completely. Rinse the bottle with water to drain it throughly.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail!



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